It’s Raining, and I’m Thinking of Queen Elizabeth Today

As of late, I know we’ve been talking about the Way Forward for PUMAs. Well, here I am, my only day off this week, save for Wednesday, with a Case of the Mondays.

When I have a Case of the Mondays, I usually don’t feel like doing anything. I mean, it doesn’t help that it’s raining up here- I’m in Northeast  Ohio. I vote at a Nature Reserve. Rain is Lake Effect. It’s like this really annoying guy that keeps asking for your phone number and you keep trying to pretend you have something else to do, but he doesn’t leave, so you tell him you had a sex change (even though you didn’t) to get him away from you and he STILL doesn’t get the message.

Well, that is what rain is like in Northeast Ohio in April. Like a bothersome boyfriend.

But April Showers and bothersome boyfriends get me thinking about things.  Like… what was I doing during the April Showers of 2008?

I don’t know if any of you remember… I doubt it. But in April of 2008, I wrote an email to Donna Brazile. It was during the primary, and her response to me was less than pleasant. So I posted it on my blog, and… something of a firestorm erupted, I guess. I had Greg Sargent from TPM email me, asking for Brazile’s letter, which I gave him, but nothing ever came out of it. Not that I expected it to.

I realize that most readers here are older than me. When I wrote that email to Brazile, I was a few weeks shy of eighteen. Now I am a few weeks shy of nineteen, and unlike the rest of you, I am not a fully formed adult. Looking back on what I expected when I wrote that email… I guess I feel naive. I have always had faith in people. I was seventeen, and I was trying to reach the heart of a heartless person, believing that I could succeed. I don’t know that everyone in the world is unreachable… I don’t know much, I’ll admit it.

But if there is anything I hate, it is fighting. I don’t mean I hate fighters. Fighters who fight for the right causes, fighters who fight for the sake of themselves and those that are weaker than them, I admire and look up to.

But what I hate is fighting that causes another being pain. What I hate is fighting for the sake of it. What I hate is fighting for the wrong reasons.

Our President is a man who ran his Campaign on Hope and Change. I first learned about him when I was Seventeen years old. I had graduated early from High School and it was time to think about who I was going to be voting for. I had considered myself a Democrat- I was raised by Republicans. My father is an Accountant with a man crush on Ronald Reagan, my mother is too weak minded to vote for anyone her Pastor doesn’t tell her to vote for, and my Step Mother is too much of an idiot to decide either way.

I’m not a snotty teenager rebelling against my parents. I actually made an informed decision when I was thirteen. It went like this:

Me: Dad, why did you vote for George Bush?

Dad:  Because I’m a Conservative Republican and not a Liberal Democrat.

Me: How come you’re Conservative?

Dad: BECAUSE. I don’t want my taxes raised to support Welfare Queens and People who have dozens of kids so they can get more money from the Government, and  so Gays can live together and be weird, and I don’t care about any Scientific Research that all them Tree Huggers want and….  *on and on it went*

Me: (after my Dad finished Ranting) Oh. Well, I guess I’m a Democrat then.

Obviously, I was more fully aware of Party Positions by the time 2008 rolled around. But I had to find a Candidate to support on the Democratic Side, and I was mostly interested in Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. I had liked Edwards when he ran in ’04, but now I got a bad vibe from him- he made the scumbag detector in my loins go off big time. And my Genital Scumbag detector is almost always right. It certainly was with Edwards… cheating on your wife when she is dying of Cancer, and then posing as some big family man… that is lower than low. The stench of Hypocrisy on him was so thick, it nearly choked me.

I had admired Hillary since I was girl. I don’t remember much about the Nineties. I remember that my father hated Bill Clinton.  His words for Hillary were choice. I won’t repeat most of them. (“c*nt,”b*tch”, “sk*nk”). I never bothered challenging him- my teeth were just growing in and I didn’t want them to get knocked out. But I secretly liked my handsome President and his pretty blond wife. Besides, they seemed nice… despite those CSPAN testimonies and scandals about “Whitewater”… what was that all about, anyway? Well, whatever. In any case, in 2005 or so, I remember watching CNN, and Fred Phelps or Pat Robertson or some other Phony Funjelical Blowhard came on the screen, and a quote was repeated, stating that Hillary was “The Spawn of Lucifer.”

After that, I didn’t just admire Hillary Clinton. She was my hero. And still was, come 2008. But I was still going to see if I thought she was the best Candidate. So I read, It Takes a Village and Living History and Dear Socks, Dear Buddy, as well as a few Anti Hillary books that weren’t worth the paper they were written on (If you haven’t read The Truth About Hillary, by Ed Klein, then please do so…I pick it up whenever I need a laugh.) I particularly liked It Takes a Village. I didn’t think she sounded like a “National Nanny” in it at all. More like a “National Awesome Person.” All the awesomeness was going to make me spontaneously combust!

Barack Obama seemed okay, but he gave me a weird vibe. I remembered him from 2004, and that he’d said his father was a Kenyan Goat Herder. A Kenyan Goat Herder! Cool Beans. (I would later learn that his father’s Goat Herderness was yet another weird falsehood Bam made up about himself). So I read The Audacity of Hope and Dreams of My Father. Both books were about him. Geez, obsessed with himself much? I particularly disliked his butt kissing of both Bush and Reagan. All that man love for Reagan! Just go have but sex with him, why don’t you?

Barack Obama started to unnerve me. Here was a man who, as I said before I so rudely interrupted myself, ran his Campaign on Hope and Change…. and yet, when I went online, his psychotic supporters flooded blogs and websites, intimidating, attacking, smearing. Not very Hopey Changey, I thought. In fact, It was Anti Hopey Changey. Clearly, Barack Obama was not what he said he was. How could a man everyone claimed to be this beacon of hope fill the hearts of so many people, particularly young men and co-dependant women, with hate? I didn’t understand it. After all, I guess we sometimes forget it… but Hope is a beautiful thing. Change is too, if it is good or needed change. No matter what happens, I will never let Barack Obama take my hope away from me.

After the primaries ended, and we lived through that horror that was the RBC meeting… well, Little Isis had to do some soul searching. Simply put, I was confused. I remember lurking the day Riverdaughter, a person I admired greatly, first declared PUMA. Was I a PUMA? Hell if I knew. All I knew was, I had to take a break from politics.

So I did take a break. It was a Summer Break. One of the best things I did during that period was buying a kitten. I named her Isis, of course. She is now full grown. Black, with a white tuft on her chest and a pink collar. She is very soft and cuddly.

But while I played with my new kitten, the first pet I’ve ever had by the way, I still had my soul searching to do. In my heart, I still knew I was a liberal. At least a classic Liberal. Obama has never seemed all that Liberal to me. He seems more like Bush- a “Compassionate Conservative”. In other words, he likes Big Government and beating Americans with a Religion Stick. Ugh. I hate that. It is the opposite of what I am.

(That is what I always thought “Compassionate Conservatism” was, BTW. Sort of like Big Dawg’s “Third Way” was a phrase for Social Liberalism and “Fiscal Responsibility.” That’s more like it.)

I went through a lot of personal things that summer… it was hard. I hate being this age. I am old enough to smoke, vote, fight in a war, and get a Credit Card. I don’t know at what point a girl finally realizes or accepts that she is a woman… but I am not at that point. I feel like Britney Spears- Not a girl, Not yet a woman. I have spent my entire life around people who are older than me. I am the youngest of four, and I always hang around with older girls. But I envy people who have a few years on me right now. I get all that about treasuring my youth and what not… maybe one day I will be able to honestly give an opinion about our Generational differences, but right now, I cannot.

As I say this, it occurs to me that I have never actually come out and said, “I’m a PUMA”. Well, I am a PUMA… now, anyway. And I am proud of it. I know we are trying to find a way forward, and I have browsed over other posts about what we should do. Naturally, I was too lazy to read all of them, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it.

PUMA is a miracle. I get that now. It is a miracle because of what it comes from. It’s funny, because if you really think about it, Obama’s opposition achieved the very thing he claims to strive for: unity.

PUMAs aren’t just loud and proud. We have Men, Women, Gays, Straights, Believers, Non Believers, Chemists, Clowns. PUMAs are every race and creed. PUMAs are many, but never silent. We have realized, those among us that come from different worlds and beliefs, that we have more in common than we don’t, and that our differences, whatever they are, are petty compared to our goals.

But now you must be thinking, “Well, gee… that’s sweet and all… but what does this have to do with Queen Elizabeth?”

Well, you see: Queen Elizabeth was unwanted and unloved. She spent most of her life locked in a tower while her mother was executed for adultery (actually, Henry probably just got bored with her), and her Dad got married another four times.

She wasn’t supposed to be Queen, but her coronation led to the English Renaissance. I have a special place in my heart for her. I don’t know that the “Burning Times” (what Wiccans call the Dark Ages, because that was when Goddess knows how many women were accused of Witchcraft and burned at the stake) ever would have ended, had she never become Queen.

Isn’t that what it takes though? A tough broad? Nothing ever changes without Women. PUMA wasn’t just born out of a stolen Primary and a corrupt Political Process. It was born out of an acknowledgement of Cultural Misogyny and Patriarchy. It was in our faces. We were powerless to stop the daily sexist attacks against Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

What I hate the most about Patriarchy is the boxes it forces women into. Hillary Clinton, is a really very pretty woman who looks good for her age,  and she is so smart it’s almost scary (just look at how big her head is… the brain has to fit, you know). People who have met her personally or know her personally say she is actually very nice. But to Ye Olde Small Penis Brigade, she is castrating. A cold, heartless bitch who only cares about power.

Sarah Palin is clearly dazzlingly beautiful. She obviously likes to have fun, but she is knowledgeable about the issues, Governs her State very well, and is a quick study. But to Ye Olde Small Penis Brigade, she is an air headed Bimbo who can “see Russia from her house!”

Jeez. I think these women are being treated the way they are because they threaten something.

I like that PUMAs are an “UnParty” and that we welcome conservatives as well as liberals now. But if we have a signature issue, it should be women in Government. Nothing ever changes without women. Nothing ever WILL change without women. We ARE change.

I would go so far as to say that should be our only issue. Particularly if PUMA is going to become a grassroots movement or a PAC.

What do you think?

Anyway, the point of this whole, rambling post is, I was thinking about Queen Elizabeth because she was, in her heart, a PUMA. She was an unwanted ruler… thrown under the bus by her own father. She rebelled against a corrupt system and won. And because of her, thinking changed. The clouds cleared, and Darkness passed.

PUMA has that power. We just have to use it in the right way.

I don’t care what words Dear Leader chooses to manipulate the Public. As I said before, I don’t know much. But it’s like the lyrics in my favorite video game, Kingdom Hearts says. “Regardless of Warnings, the Future doesn’t scare me at all.”

My Hope isn’t marketed or Astroturfed. It’s real.

And the PUMAs make it happen.

23 Responses

  1. Puma does have the power.

    “And my Genital Scumbag detector is almost always right.”

    I love it!!!!

    Keep an eye on Edwards…He is trying to rise from the dead.

  2. (Waving)

    Thanks for posting your link littleisis — it’s great!

    “particularly liked It Takes a Village. I didn’t think she sounded like a “National Nanny” in it at all. More like a “National Awesome Person.” All the awesomeness was going to make me spontaneously combust!”

    I like this so much, I think I’ll actually READ it!

  3. littleisis,

    Woo hoo, Go littleisis GO! You give me hope that there are other young women out there awake, thinking critically about the society they live in and helping others to wake up. I am so glad that you have taken the time to write down your opinions and are willing to give them to others by voicing them out in the open.

    You made my day, may your voice continue to be a beacon for other young women and an inspiration to some old ones like me. You ROCK! 🙂

  4. FBI Workers Suspected of Secretly Taping Teens in Dressing Room
    MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Two FBI workers are accused of using surveillance equipment to spy on teenage girls as they undressed and tried on prom gowns at a charity event at a West Virginia mall.,2933,517222,00.html
    FISA at work?!? Are these teens a threat? I thought you might find this interesting.

  5. Hi little isis! I remember that email well. We were both TM commenters, and I sent it to my friend in the higher ranks of the Dem party–remember? She is part of a group of power-hitters in NYC, and they confronted Brazile with it. She didn’t deny it, and didn’t respond, but I bet it got her attention, because it was coming from very strong and influential women in the party. It did not go unnoticed, and they were horrified by how you were treated–as was I. I have enjoyed getting to “know” you via TC. You have a very sincere, pure energy that shines through your writing. You also have great insight for someone your age. You and others, like Regency, are signs of real hope (not hopey-changey phoniness) for the rest of us. (((xxo)))

  6. Really beautiful post. Thank you.

  7. dude, did you know tomorrow is the current QE’s birthday? I’m with you – I like the other one a lot. there’s something both creepy and fascinating about royalty.

    nice blog – you did a good job!

    isn’t rain in OH better than snow? to me it would be…

  8. OO- I meant to say that OF Course, I remember that email — I think I read it at Taylor Marsh’s site??

    I was SHOCKED!

  9. Fif: Yeah, I remember. :p That meant a lot to me, you know. I was glad that you stuck up for me the way you did.

    Womanvoter: EEEEEWWWW! That is so freaky deaky!!! Oh my Goddess, I am never going to be able to change in a dressing room ever again.

  10. KatieBird: Yup… that was yours truly.

  11. exalent post keep up the good work ill look foward to seeing more of you post

  12. I love you, little Isis. Like cinie and reg of course, you have a way with words, superquotable. Always listen to your genital scumbag detector.

  13. Hi L’il Isis-love the graphics!

  14. LI, I am stunned by the power of your post (but not surprised). I looked up your revered royal:

    Be ye ensured that I will be as good unto you
    as ever a Queen was unto her people.

    —Elizabeth I

  15. Little Isis,You almost made me spit coffee with that quip about you genital scumbag detector.I do believe I have one of those too. lol I think this is the most introspective article I have ever read.Great job.Do give us more.I will definitely book mark this page.

  16. Great post, littleisis! You got a reader here, looking forward to your next one. Now that you mention it, we all PUMAs seem to have some sort of personal scumbag detector. None of us were swayed by the mendacity of last year’s elections.

  17. Bravo Little Isis!

  18. That was awesome! So glad to know all the young people did’nt drink the kool-aid. You are so on top of the situation for such a young person. Keep up the excellent work.

  19. Great post Isis! It’s so wonderful to see such mature and thoughtful young people. There really is hope for our world. 🙂

  20. Great post. I love the way you describe those who talked bad about Hillary and Sarah. I’m going to have to start to use that one. Lately, I have felt the need to start proclaiming again that I am woman first and foremost because I fear that many men are feeling empowered by that brigade to treat all women in that manner.

  21. […] It’s Raining, and I’m Thinking of Queen Elizabeth Today […]

  22. Wow, this is awesome; YOU are awesome!

  23. Bravo! Thank you so much for this smart piece! I have added your link to my blog list and I am looking forward to reading many more posts from your bright young brain!

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