Stormy Daniels For the Senate!!!


I went over to Uppity Woman earlier this evening and nearly choked on my juicy juice when I came across her gem of a post about Porn Star Stormy Daniels considering running against David Vitter for his Senate Seat in 201o!!!

I’m sorry, but this is just irony at it’s finest. The hilarity! I would consider it the Ultimate Karma if Diaper Boy was booted out of his Louisiana Senate Seat by a Porn Star… and a woman Porn Star, no less!!! THERE IS A GOD!!!

Oh please, please, please let this happen!!! I will PRAY for this!!! Oh, this is just too, too rich!!!

Now, seeing as how Vitter would be in no position to criticize Stormy for her profession, for obvious reasons that I will not mention here for fear of becoming X-rated in my snark (I am sorry, but can you blame me??? This is hilarious!!! You cannot make this sh*t up!!!), it is easy to see how many in Louisiana might be able to over look Stormy’s Porn Starness if she were the alternative to Senator Diapers- I mean, Vitter.

But it all leads to this interesting Generational experiment. I’ll admit it up front: I would have no problem whosoever voting for a Porn star if He/She was the best, qualified candidate for the office, had character and principles that he/she stood by, and a left leaning stance on the issues in line with my own policy positions. It is the standard by which I have so far judged all of the public officials I have voted for. I don’t see how it could be any different for a Porn Star, but seeing as how all of you here are older than me, I am aware of the fact that you may disagree.

I am also aware of the fact that you may now be staring at the computer screen with an expression of disbelief on your face. Oh come on! You all KNOW ME!

In any case, I am just interested in your thoughts, as I always am. Try to stay on topic in this thread. In the meantime, I’m just going to Google images of Stormy Daniels and…. OH MY LAWD!!!!


2 Responses

  1. I will vote for her….

  2. I want to throw my suggestion into the ring for the newly vacant Supreme Court position. How about the eminently qualified Anita Hill. Wouldn’t the irony of Anita Hill sitting across from Clarence Thomas while discussing justice be too fitting for words!!!!

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