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Blaming a Generation

civil war soldiers One outrage after another. Obama’s recent defense of DOMA leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I won’t continue, I may start to blub again if I do, and I don’t feel like being smug anyway. Claiming that banning Gay Marriage is good for the federal budget, and then invoking incest and pedophilia does not warrant comments that aren’t X rated in nature, and this is a family blog.

But while I’m at it, I want to talk about something that I won’t be scoring any points for. In fact, I’m likely going to get Hell for this, but it needs to be said, and Little Isis can’t be polite and sweet all the the time when she has something to say.

It’s like this: since Bam’s victory in the General Election, there has been talk of “The Obama Generation.” Voters of my age group who tended to vote for him have been dubbed “Obama’s Youth Army.”

Well, for one thing, that sounds so militant. Who wants to be part of a “Youth Army?” Can you say cheesy? Besides, that is a loaded phrase with violent imagery, and I detest violence.

But I digress.

Thankfully, all this talk of “The Obama Generation” and “The Obama Era,” is dying down. Sadly, not because of the incredible corniness of those phrases, but because of what a disappointment my Generation’s alleged savior is turning out to be, only five or six months into his administration.

That’s the thing about Demi-Gods. They’re just human narcissists who are full of themselves, and the messianic imagery gets old after a while. My female friends who voted for the Chosen One will no doubt abandon their “Chocolate Fudge Sunday” in favor of the next big thing when it is no longer cool to like him. It’s like having a boyfriend who is great at first, because he’s, you know, so cocky and good looking. But then eventually you just cannot stand the sight of his smug mug anymore, because every time he opens his mouth to utter something stupid you must resist the urge to backhand him.

No see, there is a point. Since all this talk of “Youth Armies” and “Obama Generations” and “Obama Nightlights” and “Obama Thongs” and “Obama Midnight Movies,” there has been a trend among … people of a certain age group, I guess, to put the blame of Obama on us, that is to say, my generation.

Well, I take issue with that. (Note: I am not referring to most of the commenters here in this post. I have noted that you are all mature adults, and good parents to boot, and you seem to have a strong enough sense of history to realize it is a little more complicated than that.)

Barack Obama is the psychological result of a wound that has festered on America’s Social Conscience for hundreds of years. It has it deepest roots in the Civil War, but an observant understanding of the past sixty or so years of American History puts his presence, and notably, the Villagers love for him, into perspective.

The Great Depression and World War II changed the roles of women in America forever. Because the menz were off fighting their war, the womenfolk had to work. They provided for their families by themselves and the resulting impact on the markets probably saved the global economy. The menfolk won their World War with weapons manufactured by their wives, daughters, sisters, and chicks on the side. Truth be told, it was the women and minorities that done won that War, and in turn they saved the world from fascism, and a Dark Age of economic depression.

That is the beauty of Egalitarianism, after all. But this sudden revelation in the consciousness of the female mind threatened the fabric of Patriarchy that had created the Fascism of Hitler’s Germany and the Iron Curtain in the first place. So naturally, the womenfolk and racial and ethnic minorities had to be put in their place again.

I am often amazed at people who idealize the 1950’s as some kind of Golden Age in America’s History. I mean, granted, I wasn’t alive back then, but it sounds like such a bore. Besides being boring, it was also a time of racial segregation, bigotry and materialism. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there were very nice things about it if you were a white male. But women born in that time were given messages by culture and media of that day as to what their roles would be, the best of which can be displayed here:

Geez. The glazed looks on their faces alone. I would go crazy, wouldn’t you? Well, children born after World War II are called “Boomers.” Growing up in the 1950’s resulted in their crazed, counterculture rebellion. Free sexuality (particularly for women) and an awareness of racial and gender equality for the first time since their fathers left for War resulted in another threat to the fabric of a society of Male Social Dominance.

The 1960s seemed to have been a fruition of those psychological wounds that had been festering since the Civil War. It was a difficult, but necessary period in our history, and I roll my eyes at those who label it as a time of “self indulgence.” Of course it was self indulgence! Having grown up behind the restraints and phony smiles of the 50’s, the change in social attitudes at the time was necessary.

But old powers don’t want change. Patriarchy doesn’t want change. They still don’t want change to this day, and that was first made apparent in the 1990’s; when a liberal, middle class Boomer from Arkansas was elected President. The Clintons were the first counterculture boomers to obtain the White House, and they represented a change that the Villagers didn’t want. As David Brock stated in his memoir, “Clinton and Clintonism could not survive.”

The Village represents the Old Ways, and after they were unsuccessful in removing Bill Clinton from office, they focused on destroying his legacy by rigging the election in GW’s favor against Vice President Al Gore.

The Villagers, of course, love Obama and GW because despite the fact that they appear to come from different parties, they are one and the same. Both of them are misogynistic Frat Boys with a preoccupation with the Religious Right, and both of them have blamed Boomers for our country’s ills, labeling them as amoral and divisive.

They are both of an old class and an old order. Both men are narcissistic, arrogant, and believe in their own entitlement. The Villagers love the fact that Obama is biracial and doesn’t truly have the African American Experience to attest to. He was raised by his upper middle class white grandparents, and he is, unlike Martin Luther King Jr., considered a “non threatening black.” He is non threatening in a different way than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, because those two are enabled by the establishment, and therefore aren’t very helpful to the AA community anymore, it doesn’t seem. (EG: No one takes them seriously) Obama is non threatening in a sense that he doesn’t do much to change race relations in America. His Campaign used race-baiting techniques to defeat his opponents and he so far has done nothing uniquely courageous in his unimpressive public career. But he was still able to exploit those wounds in the American Psyche that exist as a result of 1960’s counterculture.

Obama is not a uniquely intelligent man, regardless of what his enablers in the MSM say, but he was and still is smart enough to understand those scars in the American psyche, and his campaign exploited them in the most sinister ways imaginable.

Having grown up in Fundamentalist Religion, like many of the people here, I was uniquely resistant to that psychological message, but most of the people in my generation weren’t.

I was eleven years old on September 11th, 2001. I remember that day very clearly, and I remember the aftermath even better. I remember the message that was told to me in school. We, as a country, were United. Our differences were petty and didn’t matter, because this tragedy had brought us together. It was going to teach us something. We were going to learn about ourselves as Americans, and forgive the sins of the past to achieve a more Perfect Union and to combat the forces that would threaten our freedoms and way of life.

To come of age and watch the events of the past few years unfold before our very eyes is our own experience that is unique to us and always will be. To watch that promise of standing together disintegrate because of deceit, lies, and those sins of the past that still cannot be forgiven is the scar of our own Generation. But it wasn’t perpetuated by us, it was perpetuated by our Elders. By our parents and our elected officials who then had the nerve to say that they knew what was best for us.

It would be hard then, to be resistant to Obama’s condemnation of Boomers. Our media told us that he would heal the nation of the very wounds he was exploiting. He was going to unite us, while he split the Democratic Left in half and set Race Relations back one hundred years. It was the same media that lied to us about Bush and the War in Iraq, but we hadn’t lived long enough to tell the difference anyway. It’s how the media had always been, we knew nothing else, and we didn’t live in the time of Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow. (Funny then, how adults always say we don’t listen.)

Yes, my age group is superficial and materialistic. Yes, girls my age don’t get it and have low self esteem. But who made us? Where did those values come from? You. We didn’t start the fire. You did. Who raised us? You did.

Who is going to inherit your debt? Us. Who’s futures are in jeopardy? Ours.

So own up to it. Be responsible. Be adults. Suck it up. We’re your children, and we didn’t ask for any of this.

And as the Goddess is my witness, if I EVER see anyone say on here that they give up, that there is no way to change anything, that they will never see a woman President in their lifetimes, that it is our Generation’s responsibility now to make it all happen, I swear it, I will go bat shit insane on that person’s ass. Don’t you DARE say anything like that while I am lurking on a thread!

This isn’t just our mess. It’s ours, and it’s everyones, and you made it. So you had better damned well help us clean it up!


3 Responses

  1. Interesting blog, and very well-written essay. Kudos. Relevantly, Obama is part of Generation Jones (born 1954-1965, between the Boomers and Generation X).

    Google Generation Jones, and you’ll see it’s gotten a lot of media attention, and many top commentators from many top publications and networks (Washington Post, Time magazine, NBC, Newsweek, ABC, etc.) specifically use this term to describe Obama.

    It is important to distinguish between the post-WWII demographic boom in births vs. the cultural generations born during that era. Generations are a function of the common formative experiences of its members, not the fertility rates of its parents. Many experts now believe it breaks down more or less this way:

    DEMOGRAPHIC boom in babies: 1946-1964
    Baby Boom GENERATION: 1942-1953
    Generation Jones: 1954-1965
    Generation X: 1966-1978

    Here is an op-ed about Obama as the first GenJones President in USA TODAY:

    And this page is a good overview of recent stuff about GenJones:

  2. Amazing. How does one your age become this wise this soon?

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