Tomorrow’s Game Changer


Tomorrow, President Obama is going to appease all of our petty worries about Health Care Reform with yet another rambling diatribe written by a fat, ugly frat boy turd about absolutely nothing that doesn’t outline the specifics of his plan Historical Speech. How exciting!

So what should we expect from our fearless leader tomorrow night?  Should we expect what Cinie expects?

What political rocket scientist developed the theory that gaping political wounds can be healed by repeated laying on of words?  Exactly how many butt-numbing, head swiveling, TelePrompTer-read, yah da-dah da-dah da-dah daaahhh-paced regurgitations of speeches past, comprised of precisely how many empty words, are required to actually produce tangible results?  Is there no limit to  the number of excruciatingly boring repetitions of the same soup warmed over pre-empting our favorite television shows we are expected to endure?  How many episodes of Andy Griffith Meets The Brady Bunch On Gilligan’s Island are we supposed to watch instead of the Pretendident Formerly Known As Present?

Is Obama’s speech tomorrow going to change anything? Will he outline a plan for real reform and stop caving to gasbags like Glenn Beck and other loons? I’m going to have to agree with Jay Cost on this one.

I’d say no. I think this will be little more than a change in tone – perhaps from cool/slightly mocking Obama to angry/forceful Obama. From the looks of it, the President is still planning to make all the same points he’s been hammering for months. He’ll ask for bipartisan cooperation while remaining cagey on the public option (a deal breaker for 99% of the Republican caucus). He will again insist the time for debate is over and the time for action is now. He’ll make a not-terribly-compelling case about how this somehow relates to the current economic morass, even though the benefits do not kick in for years. He’ll fearlessly stand up to Republican straw men, who never offer anything except disingenuous attacks.

What’s your take on the President’s speech tomorrow? I think I’m going to sit it out. I’d rather party.


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