Today’s Dish

Apparently that one team, The Saints, won the Superbowl thingy last night. Let me just pretend for a second that I care…

Glad that’s over!

Onward to today’s dish!

Apparently, our beloved leader is planning a Bipartisan Summit on Health Care.

Mr. Obama made the announcement in an interview on CBS during theSuper Bowl pre-game show, capitalizing on a vast television audience. He set out a plan that would put Republicans on the spot to offer their own ideas on health care and show whether both sides are willing to work together.

What planet does our President live on? How many “birthers” does he have to see come out of the woodwork for him to comprehend the fact that THE REPUBLICANS DO NOT WANT BIPARTISANSHIP ON HEALTH CARE REFORM OR ANYTHING! Americans elected him because he was the Democrat, and then he goes and pursues “bipartisanship!” Personally, ever since Scott Brown won, I’m not sure how any Democrat has been able to show their face in public, let alone look to their fearless leader for the guidance they are so clearly not going to get. I mean, Democrats came into office in 2008 with an unprecedented mandate rarely seen in history, and within a year, A YEAR, they have all ready managed to mangle it so badly it isn’t even recognizable.

It would be so funny if it weren’t for the fact that they are dragging us all down with them into their tragic comedy of errors. That’s why I’m not a Democrat. I’m a liberal. And I won’t call myself a Democrat again until the Party grows some balls and starts acting like grown ups.

It appears as though Sarah Palin has hit back on fauxgressives who published pictures of her hand cliff notes on the Huffington Post.

She wrote “Hi Mom” on her palm while campaigning for Governor Rick Perry.

RIGHT ON— On Sunday the left went bonkers after they discovered that the TelePrompter-less former Governor Sarah Palin wrote notes on the palm of her left hand for her speech to the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville. The far left absolutely freaked over this non-issue rather than focus on her brilliant speech knocking the Obama Administration’s horrid record on economics and national defense.

She wrote “Hi Mom!” on her palm during her campaign stop with Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

Well, it is kind of funny. Another reason I left the Democratic Party: the party I knew under Bill Clinton never engaged in character assassination. Fauxgressives really seem intent on ruining Sarah Palin, but it turns out their Personal Destruction Politics are about as good as their “Bipartisanship.”

In other news, Jenny Sanford appears to be doing fine.

At home is the same Jenny Sanford, mother and wife, portrayed in her new book, “Staying True,” which is just out and billed by Ballantine Books as an inspirational memoir about holding to one’s faith in life’s trying times.

Jenny Sanford, 47, said she wrote it for two groups – women also struggling with life’s unexpected twists and her sons so that they could hear her side of the story and know she has always put them and her Christian faith first.

If Jenny’s uncertain about what she wants to do next, she can always give me a call. I’ll take good care of her. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would stay married to a guy who gets her a diamond necklace and then takes it back. One of my requirements for a man is that he treats me like a Goddess, and spends money on me accordingly. I’m a high maintenance woman and Mrs. Sanford is a classy lady, who deserves exaclty the same. I’d treat her right, and besides, Mark Sanford is butt ugly.

*Sigh* Straight women.

Democrats are confused over their possible new Supreme Court pick.

Democrats gearing up for a possible Supreme Court vacancy are divided over whether President Barack Obama should appoint a prominent liberal voice while their party still commands a large Senate majority, or go with someone less likely to stoke Republican opposition.

I’ll take the prominent liberal voice for three hundred. See above under “Bipartisanship.”


2 Responses

  1. I am glad you are here! I read The Confluence- but rarely comment there (I am not THAT smart to be able to contribute much to those conversations.) I always enjoy your writing!
    I was a lifelong Democrat- til they foisted that fraud on us. Our votes here in PA were not even counted in Denver- so – now I am stuck without a party!
    Maybe it’s better this way- now I can just be an American! and a Voter!

  2. Is the non-issue excitement from the bots over Sarah’s hand writings just one of those distractions Obama spoke up? Like distracting from actually dealing with the fact that Obama has basically revived the dead rethug party and in the process has brought the New dem party down with him?

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