The Hillary Rodham Clinton Foundation?

"I have said in many different settings on, I guess, every continent except Antarctica that the rights that women who have a position in society are able to command cannot, therefore, be denied to the women who live down the street or care for their children or clean their homes or plant their crops, and that we have to do a better job of making the equity argument on behalf of girls and women, and particularly on behalf of the Cairo agenda." --Secretary Clinton, January 8, 2010

When Hillary steps down as Secretary of State, she will be an emeritus stateswoman like no other. I cannot wait for her to start her own foundation work. I’ve heard some chatter about this in the blogosphere, and I really hope it comes to fruition someday.

Imagine it. The Hillary Rodham Clinton Foundation.

It can be a great tool to help institutionalize the Equity Argument on behalf of girls and women.


10 Responses

  1. And we’ll all be there, ready to work with her!

  2. She’s still the most qualified person out there for POTUS, so why so eager to relegate her to obscurity?

    Isn’t your expressed wish a subliminal confirmation of “a woman’s role”? Former First Ladies should concentrate on ‘ladies’ stuff” (read: motherly) like helping orphans and charities? Just glorified bake sales?

    HRC has a lot more to offer than just her advocacy of women’s rights. She’s the one I want taking that 3 a.m. call. I’d also take her on the Supreme Court, other position worthy of her exceptional and broad talent.

    Time magazine says Lady GaGa is one of the top 100 most influential people, but not our SoS. Are we to diminish HRC further by quickly ushering her into foundation work?

  3. Hello tamerlane, . I don’t believe we’ve ever conversed before. little isis has invited me to crosspost here, and this was my wish for Hillary down the line, after hearing chatter about it as something Hillary is thinking of doing eventually. I find it a very intriguing possibility, one that will give her some more flexibility and free her up somewhat to speak as her own entity rather than strictly as a party loyalist.

    I take it you’re not familiar with my blogging on Hillary (, but I’m the *furthest* thing from trying to push her off into obscurity . I am however a realist and think that 2008 was our one chance at Hillary as President. That said, if and when Hillary were to ever declare she was running for president, she already has my vote.

    I don’t think Foundation work on the order of the stuff Bill Clinton is doing amounts to glorified bake sales. Women and girls are the future and connected to every 3 am problem in the world today.

  4. A quote from a Bill Clinton interview, no doubt that Hillary’s voice has been an influence here:

    “With all the fights in the world about abortion rights and choice and family planning and all that there is only one proven strategy that is not opposed by religious authorities—except some fanatics and cultural authorities—that slows the birthrate and raises per capita income. The only proven strategy is to put all the girls in the world in school. And a marjority of the people who go to substandard schools with no teachers and training materials are women. So if you put all the girls in world in school and give young women access to labor market, it slows the birthrate and stabilizes civil society.

    Glorified bakesales? I think not. 🙂

  5. Sounds all good, Wonk. (I was in a devil’s advocate mood.) I’m a big fan of Bill Clinton’s Foundation. I agree: Global Warming, Haiti, etc., is not cupcakes.

    Hope you and I will be working together on Hillary’s ’12 campaign!

  6. “The only proven strategy is to put all the girls in the world in school.’

    Damn, just re-read that Hillary quote you posted, and it is so to-the-point and pragmatic. Now, that’s a real leader talking!

  7. Amen, TM and Wonk! Hillary in ’12!

  8. it’s actually a Big Dawg quote but he probably heard it from Hillary first 😉

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