18 Million Cracks: 2 Years Later

Republican women had a good showing in last night’s elections.

Tea Poser nutcase Orly Taitz stands no chance of winning, which indicates all the more that the success of the GOP women last night is the result of their tapping into something real.

What Nikki Haley is doing is HUGE, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Democrats had their chance in 2008 to make the next decade the Decade of the Democratic woman. But, they passed on it. Their loss.

Yesterday afternoon — well before the polls closed and I realized what a strong night it was going to be for Republican women — I wrote the following rant, which I’ve edited for clarity. It’s taken on another layer of meaning for me in light of last night’s results:

I don’t understand what they (i.e. the gatekeepers of feminism) need feminism for if there is *always* some issue that comes before women and girls and we always have to know our place and be willing to go last if at all because that’s what “good” women do.

Feminism is that one space where, by virtue of it being feminism and not any other -ism, women’s rights and advancement gets the floor–where gender equality gets to be advocated for to the fullest extent (instead of how it gets knee-jerk dismissed in every other space as the hobby lobby of bored silly little bourgeoisie wimmenz and ewwww rigid radical maneating manlike militant feminists!)

If they don’t want to put women first ever on any issue, what’s the point?

If a prolife woman can actually put women first on any issue outside of abortion–well we can have great feminist debates all we want about whether the prolifer gets to join the feminist club or not, but at least she’s doing more than declaring the space only exclusive to her and her tribe and never actually using it for anything.

And, where the Palins are concerned, even with any level of opportunism involved there, that opportunism can be turned back on its head, and be used against the Good Ol’ Boy network where both the Ds and the Rs try to keep women divided. If the feminist “authorities” on the left were paying any attention, they would notice that there’s a wide open field of potential out there for building some messaging consensus and solidarity amongst women and likeminded men — on feminist issues that go beyond the simplistic prochoice/prolife BS.

When both the left and right women pols now see “You go girl” as a way to build up their appeal, there is *something* going on. There is no reason for the women’s orgs to be as dead and without a pulse as they are right now except that they’ve become dead-by-default.

Every time Hillary or Palin go off the D/R script that ignores wimmen’s voices and wimmen’s issues altogether, every time they talk about women and girls, they’re changing the way politics are done. They are building a bridge for us so that we don’t need to have a separate “Women’s party” (inevitably blown off as silly women with frivolous agenda) –and the reason we wouldn’t need one is because we have become integral to the party system that is already in place.

To the extent that any liberal or conservative woman does something to pave that way a little bit further than it was before, more power to her in that individual endeavor. That’s not the same as supporting her politics, hard as that is for the Oprecious party and the so-called “progressives” to understand this concept.

This isn’t about following someone else’s politics. It’s about following my own.

I refuse to put women’s voices, women’s representation, women’s rights, and women’s causes last.

The GOP put women last until the brand fell completely apart. Now that same tattered GOP is relying on women to put the humpty dumpty back together again.

I voted for Hillary when we had the chance to have her as our first female president and put our country back together again.

I never had any confusion about the difference between Hillary Clinton and the women of the GOP. It’s the Democratic establishment and the activist left that was confused about that difference.

Now the Obama-Left is stuck between Barack and a Rand Place while women of the GOP are seeing their star rise.


One Response

  1. As Robin Morgan says, “Not because she’s a woman, but because I’m a woman.”
    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Wonk.

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