Thursday Links

Fox news apparently won’t cover the burning of the Koran by Pastor weirdo or whatever his name is:

In a bold move that is likely to be much discussed in coming days, Fox News said today that it will not cover the burning of the Quran on Saturday if Pastor Terry Jones follows through on his plan to burn copies of Islam’s sacred book.

The proposed book burning by the Florida minister and his congregation has become a topic of heated conversation and coverage, with everyone from President Barack Obama to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and two generals weighing in. One of the military men, Gen. Ray Ordierno, former commander in Iraq, says he fears that the burning will inflame passions abroad to the point where the safety and lives of American servicemen and servicewomen will be threatened.

Good for them. I don’t want to talk about the whole thing anymore myself, but you know me, I have a big mouth and no one in the Middle East is reading this blog anyway, or I would probably be dead by now. I feel the same way Chelsea Handler is probably going to feel when she hosts the VMA’s on Sunday. There isn’t a single person in a room with me at any given time that I haven’t made fun of at least once.

Don’t miss Tamerlane’s Charge of the Lightbringer Brigade, or food fit for cockroaches.

OHM nom nom nom!

Also, one comment on Wonk’s previous post about Hillary’s Leadership. No one knows if she’s going to run in 2012, but no one should be saying that she can’t. As many people have pointed out, Hillary isn’t perfect but there is really no one else available to properly lead in troubled times like this. Instead of being pessimistic and saying she’ll never run, we should be urging her to run as much as possible and urging Obama to not run as much as possible. That’s the patriotic thing to do. Of course, as someone who’s admired the Secretary of State since grade school and who doesn’t even know if she really wants to run at all, I do feel bad because she does deserve to retire, but I doubt anyone would disagree that our problems are bigger than her as a person.  It’s just that she’s always been the best woman for the job.


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