Happy Birthday Madame Secretary

OHM nom nom nom!

Hillary’s service as Secretary of State earns her a happy birthday wish, especially since she’s going to be busting her hump oversees for the next two weeks.

Hillary has doubtless inspired all of us over the years in some way. I have liked her since I was a child, albeit sometimes in secret. Defending her to people my age is sometimes a chore (“She tried to ban Grand Theft Auto”… “Um, NO, she tried to ban the PORN in Grand Theft Auto. There is a DIFFERENCE!”) and I have a reputation to protect, but I am willing to go to bat for her. That is the level of my admiration.

For someone who has never had much of an example of a strong woman to look up to, having Hillary as First Lady, then a Senator and then Secretary of State– not to mention her tenacity in 2008 when she was running for President–has been very educational and important.

In the past two years especially, we have had a real example of class and service in our Secretary of State. Not only is she a great gal, she’s a great LOOKING gal. I hope my trashy chain smoking a$$ looks half as good at sixty three.

Happy Birthday Madame Secretary,  and many more!

Note: This is the thread where the shrieking band of Hillary holdouts shares experiences with and regarding the Secretary of State.


5 Responses

  1. What a beautiful tribute, LI. She sure is something, isn’t she? I don’t know that I could have handled all that came at her during that primary with such grace. We are indeed lucky to have her as a role model of how a real woman responds to adversity.

    Happy Birthday, Madam Secretary. May your day be as glorious as you.

  2. “Headbands solve so many problems.” LOL
    How can you not love this woman? How many working women haven’t relied upon them for bad hair days. Slip one on and you’re out the door. Sweet and sassy. Thanks for the Tyra clip.

    Happy Birthday Madam Secretary!

  3. You rocked on John’s show, girl!

  4. I also love headbands. They are especially useful for controlling my hair, which is wild and curly. They should rename her Madame Awesome.
    Oh, and thanks Uppity! 😀

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