What’s a “Liberal” Again?

President Obama is considered a “liberal” Democrat in denial by the Village. If you ask Obama about his “shellacking” (can I take the time to point out how lame that word is and how sick I am of hearing it?) two weeks ago he will say that it was a messaging problem. While he was toiling away with legislation trying to help us ingrates he just didn’t have the time to go out and say how all of it was going to benefit our ungrateful behinds so we punished him at the voting booth for not chatting with us enough.

And it is at this point that most Americans ask themselves if he has mental problems. As John Smart explained earlier,

The idea that Obama’s problem is one of persuasion or communication is complete bullshit. Total bullshit. Undiluted, grade-A bullshit. Here’s why: He’s been on television constantly since he came into office, he been on every third chat show, he’s been on ESPN, he gave over 50 major addresses on healthcare, he tortured us with a 3 month Hamlet act on Afghanistan (now largely moot.) all of it made public to prove he had depth, he made a nationally televised address from Congress on healthcare, he hosted a White House summit on healthcare, he spent the 2 months before the midterm in full campaign mode, he made the rounds of backyards across the land, he’s got an entire network – MSNBC – dedicated to pushing his message and an army of talking head apologists, not to mention the forever blabbing Biden, he’s got the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, a slew of nationally syndicated columnists who still believe his nonsense, and a festering caldron of bloggers still churning out pro-Obama sewage.

The message got out, Mr. President. The people heard it. They did not like the message and do not like the messengers. Most don’t like the other side much either but we are only allowed to choose between Coke and Pepsi, so one had to lose.

You communicated, Barry. Loud and clear. Not a day went by without a message fromyour highness. Communication is not the problem. You are.

A COMMUNICATION PROBLEM? Are you serious? Is that why he thinks he lost? Not a day has gone by in the past two years where any of us has been able to escape his ass. He has constantly been on our T.V. screens, the magazines we read, the shows we watch. He was on the View! THE VIEW! Personally, it’s a tough call between him and Justin Bieber as to who I am sick of seeing more. It gets to a point where I go to the drug store to pick up gum or cigarettes and he is on the cover of a pack of Newports. I want to run around in circles screaming “Get out of my life!”

Frankly, Americans voted for him because he was a Democrat and he promised to deliver change. Instead, he gave us more of the same. A Heritage Foundation version of Health Insurance Reform and a lousy stimulus are cited as his “liberal” legislative accomplishments. He also continued the Bush Bailouts, continued both Wars, continued using the Constitution as a kleenex by citing “executive authority” as a reason to assassinate someone without a trial, and he now plans on destroying Social Security and extending the Bush Tax cuts.

THAT’S why he got his ass handed to him in the midterms. Not because we failed to see how great all of that “stuff” he got done was. We saw what he “got done” and it was the exact same thing we wanted to stop seeing when he got into office.

Obama may be claiming he is taking responsibility for the “shellacking”, but he is not. And despite all evidence to the contrary he is still considered by the media to be a “liberal” Democrat.

I and almost everyone on this blog consider myself a “liberal.” Call me crazy, but I don’t see someone who wants to have butt sex with Ronald Reagan and wants to uphold DADT as liberal, but maybe I’m missing the definition of what a “liberal” is.

As a Liberal, I believe in a Social Safety net, equal rights for all and war as an unnecessary evil. As a Liberal I believe in empowering people rather than trying to get power over them. And as a Liberal I believe that the moment you think you’re better than anyone else is the moment you need to be punched in the face.

This is the anti-thesis of everything Obama has done in his career and as Commander in Chief, so why is he considered a “liberal?” And why is Bill Clinton, a guy who spent his entire life and Presidency trying to empower people rather than get power over them considered a DLC “Centrist?” It boggles my mind.

I think that over the past few decades in this country Movement Conservatives have succeeded in tainting the word “liberal” into meaning something it isn’t. If Obama is a “Liberal” than I’m most certainly not one. So what does that make me? A Socialist?


3 Responses

  1. And Reagan is the top.

  2. Well-phrased, admirably rousing, Lil’ Isis.

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