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Monday Morning Palinpalooza

I am almost as sick of hearing about and seeing Sarah Palin as I am hearing about and seeing Barack Obama, but the news is awful, the weather is boo boo, and as a liberal fem I am apparently supposed to go into a screaming emotional PMS induced rant every time her name is even brought up. Why fight it?

I don’t plan on reading or buying her new book. Do any of you? I didn’t think so. But Historiann has the scoop.

Don’t miss Michelle Goldberg’s analysis of the feminist history in Sarah Palin’s new bookAmerica by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag. Apparently, it gets worse after the diabetes-inducing title.  I agree with Goldberg that “[i]n some ways, it’s a good thing that Sarah Palin calls herself a feminist. It means that, even among conservatives, women’s equality has become a normative position, the starting point for debate. It means that feminism has gone from something that the right wants to destroy to something it wants to appropriate. That’s progress, of a sort.”  This is indeed a new development–Phyllis Schlafly’s days are over, for now, and it would be even too intellectually dishonest for Palin to pretend that feminism had nothing to do with shaping the possibilities of her political career.

As an optimist I am also pleased that a woman politician at least has to call herself a feminist to get anywhere, much less conservative woman. But this step forward is not to Bible Spice’s credit. A woman in politics has to call herself a feminist now because of the treatment a certain plucky Secretary of State received not just in 2008 but throughout her entire life in public service. Just sayin’. Let’s continue.

However, Palin is all wet when it comes to American history in general, and as Goldberg explains, feminist history in particular:  she claims Elizabeth Cady Stanton as a devout Christian–a woman who once said that “[y]ou may go over the world and you will find that every form of religion which has breathed upon this earth has degraded women,” and who wrote her own version of the Bible.  (Truly, this is more laughable than the people who try to re-claim Thomas Jefferson as a godbag.)  Palin repeats the flimsy lie that Susan B. Anthony was anti-abortion, and she repeats the distortions of Margaret Sanger’s work and career by claiming that she advocated “Nazi-style eugenics.”  (She cites the esteemed historian Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism on Sanger.)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and another fun fem, Amelia Earheart, also rejected the usefulness of remaining faithful to their husbands. Amelia even passed a petition about it around. Hillary wasn’t the first classy lady to question standing by her man. So far that’s Hillary: 2 Sarah: 0.

Sarah Palin is a huge disappointment.  She could have countered her detractors the right way and continued working for the people of her beloved Alaska, but instead she has allowed herself and her family to be turned into celebrity jokes. Marketing yourself as a pundit on Fox News and giving yourself a reality show on TLC is not the way to prove you’re Presidential material. So much for all that maverick talk about Middle America. She should have taken a leaf out of that crazy bra burning feminist Hillary Clinton’s book instead of Barack Obama’s. Now she and him are like the American Idol clones of Presidential Politics. If they are both running in 2012 we won’t even be able to take a break and watch an episode of House or Dexter without one of them guest starring. They and their brands will be EVERYWHERE. God help us all!

I still don’t believe you have to be liberal or pro choice to be a feminist, but Caribou Barbie stopped caring about standing up to the good old boys a long time ago. It was probably some time in between the grand finale of Dancing with the Stars or a deep philosophical connection with Dick Morris while he was ghostwriting her new book. At least now she is caught up to the President and has managed to write two autobiographies without actually accomplishing much of anything.

Either way, from now on she’s on her own.


12 Responses

  1. littleisis, given the choice, I would cross-post your whole blog. My socks were knocked off when I realized how young you are, and I was thinking about how long it took me in life to gain the kind of perception, analytic ability and writing prowess you already posess.

    I am SO DONE with S***h P***n. Years ago, someone suggested something to me that changed my life. He basically said, when someone is so toxic and emotionally expensive, when someone perpetually annoys the crap out of you, when someone eats malicious for breakfast, there is only one way to cleanse yourself of that person: treat the person like he or she no longer exists, in your life, in your mind or in the world. I am so done with S*r*h P***n. I bet she wakes up every morning ala Barack Obama and does a quick search of her name on the interwebs because she loves to see it in print. She deliberately attacked Hillary Clinton because she loves the publicity for it. Now who else do we know who does shit like that? I learned more about her in that one sentence than I learned about her in two years. And what I learned told me all I need to know: the difference between class and crass political figures. Not that I didn’t already recognize it daily by hearing Barack Obama do the same thing.

    An old politician once told me that it didn’t matter what they said about you in the news just so long as they spelled your name right. It keeps your name visible even to people who don’t want to see you or hear about you any longer.

    I may start a movement here, but I have decided that I am not going to give her five more minutes of my time in a post. WE, the very people she insulted, are the ones keeping her name going! I will no longer defend her against sexism or any other damned thing. I did a search on my blog all the way back to 2008, and I was gobsmacked at how many posts I wrote FOR her. I got tired of copying all the links. I am waiting for one person, particularly ANY make-believe Hillary supporter, to dare have the fucking nerve call me a PDS person. I am not a PDS, I am just DONE with someone I don’t want to know in any way, shape or form. And after having stood in the rain and snow so that people like her to get on the stage and even exist in the world of politics, I am incensed that the the very people she insulted are the same people who made her existence possible.

    Like you said, She’s On Her Own. Besides, the boyz in her own band are cracking their knuckles at the thought of neutralizing her. It’s already started. While it happens, she’s not going to get shit from me. As an extreme Christian, I am sure she understands the concept of You Reap What You Sow.

  2. “Bible Spice” “Caribou Barbie?” — did you just make those up?

  3. No, they are common nicknames for her on the prog blogs. It was meant to be satirical, though some took offense without understanding that.

  4. Let em take offense. Therewould have to be a lot of catching up to do to match the offense she lobbed at Hillary Clinton and every women who busted her ass marching to make things easy for Sarah Palin. She slammed the woman who took 15 years of shit to pave the way. The people who invented the Hillary Nutcracker are now the same people offended by the Sarah Nutcracker, and then have the audacity to Forget.

  5. ” It was meant to be satirical, though some took offense without understanding that.”

    Who? I find those monikers both hilarious and apropos. I just called Palin “a fashion model for Cabelas” so I guess that’d offend them, too.

  6. And you know, Uppity, I have been accused of writing this just because of a ghostwritten insult she threw at Hillary and liberal feminists. That was just the icing on the cake and not even the reason I wrote this, because I have been feeling this way about SP for a while. She governed as a moderate and painted herself as a maverick but now she is branding herself and proving to be just what her detractors said she would be. Some of the candidates she endorsed in the mid terms were 360 degrees vile and you know, she is doing all of this because of her Presidential aspirations and because she is setting herself up with the big daddy dollars of the VRWC. All that crap about caring about the little guy went out the window when her celebrity star started to shine.

  7. I just think we all give her too much publicity. She doesn’t care if it’s good or bad as long as she’s in the news every day. I’m retiring her from my vocabulary, myself. No more defense of sexism from this former bra burning “radical” she has no respect for.

  8. Nicely done! I too am beyond tired of both Sarah Palin and Barack Obama.

  9. Littleisis…..Great post. And let me second those who are encouraging you to ignore the cries of “sexism” in your descriptions of Palin as “Bible Spice” and “Caribou Barbie”. Both descriptions paint an accurate satirical image of Palin, that are for the culters, images they prefer to ignore.

    In 2008, when we saw and heard Barack attempting to do his southern preacher voice, MLK impression, and dared to speak of it, we were called “racist”. If we questioned his resume, we were “racist”. If we questioned his associations, we were “racists”. If we questioned his qualification to lead, we were called “racist”. In 2010-2012 if you call out Palin by using an accurate visual, or any other legitimate appraisal or critique, you’ll be labeled a “sexist”. Recognize it for what it is, an effort to shut you up and shut you down, Hang tough! Do not apologize for your bullseye perception.

  10. […] Sarah Palin has been the center of attention more in two years than Dubya was in eight. Thankfully, I’m not alone in my Palin fatigue. It’s nice to know the entire country hasn’t gone mad, but it’s disappointing to […]

  11. littleisis — I read your posts and don’t comment much. What more can I add to Uppity, Tamerlane, and the others? I’m just a mere blog follower.
    I’m grateful for your laser sharp analysis about women’s rights and the new Dems at such a young age. It is awe-inspiring.

    That said, I agree that since you are a blog especially, it is more than appropriate to cast a label on Palin because she is obviously a spotlight grabber. Caribou barbie and Bible Spice — LMFAO! IMO, what can we expect from someone who was a beauty queen? I’m not discounting her education, experience or ability to work her way up from the bottom of the political heap, which indeed she has been successful with. But there is something deeply disconcerting with someone who you so rightly analyzed seems to check out her popularity ratings in the media on a daily basis. [A beauty queen ONLY knows her beauty in the reflected admiration of her handlers.] BTW, Obama I have no doubt does the exact same thing. Anybody remember those photos of him at Occidental College? He was so obviously concerned about his looks and the gleam of the camera during his poses than he was about anything else. I swear to goddess Obama uses teleprompters because he can constantly see his own reflection as he orates.

    IMO also that the thing about Obama’s campaign that riled me the most was the way it was done, and the fact that his celeb status would serve as precedent for other candidates to follow. Autobiography written, check. Fawning admirers, check. Bamboozled supporters, check. Denial about the privilege and help you got in life, check. Denigrating the very things that got you to where you are, check. Using your special status to manipulate those of your kind, check. Willingness to be a brand instead of a person, check check check.

    I swear that when Obama is finally rid of we’ll see him dancing with the stars and Oprah can be his partner.

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