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      Minkoff Minx

I Hate Mondays

In Monday’s good news, Lady Gaga sweeps the VMAs. We love you too, Lady G.

Also, the country from which my soul originates plans on penalizing companies that pay women less. Yes, in fact, I was French in a past life.

But it’s Monday, and things are looking grim. Dakinikat takes on our low information nation at TC.

How do you stand up for what is right and hype people up with fear factor politics at the same time?

Of course, both sides do it.  We’re seeing this now with all the nonsense surrounding the Park51 cultural center and the outrageous rhetoric from Arizona’s Governor on Mexicans supposedly found decapitated in the Sonoran Desert. So many untruths it makes my head spin!  The memes are flying out of the mouths of the stupid and the press seem to just embrace them.  The current memes are couched with look what happens to your lives when the other sides win?  Dogs and Cats openly living together!  Oh, the humanity!!!

Bleak. Especially in California. Between Meg Whitman, the Guvuhnatuh, and Jerry Brown, I don’t know how everyone doesn’t move there.

And the Quran thing will just not die. Apparently, any politician who says Islam is a Religion of peace “cannot be trusted.” I’m sorry, what? Jesus Christ! I am so done talking about this. I mean, Done! Doney, Done Done! I have nothing else to say… EXCEPT this!

OF COURSE Islam isn’t a Religion of Peace! BUT NEITHER IS CHRISTIANITY! Does that mean I shouldn’t trust everyone anyone who says Christianity is a religion of peace? I guess that means I can’t trust any politician. WHOA! What an epiphany!

I sometimes want to recant on my coexist/why can’t we all get along position. If Fundamentalist Christians and Fundamentalist Muslims started getting along, all Hell would break loose. My God, they would be collectively unbearable, always up to some kind of bull shit together. Burning American flags because of Homos in the Military, then burning witches when they get bored with that. Running around in Africa, converting everyone and everything they get their hands on. Gay Prostitution would be the wealthiest industry in the country. There would be houses full of hustlers everywhere, advertisements for them underneath McDonalds Billboards. God Bless America!

I need a drink.

Thursday Links

Fox news apparently won’t cover the burning of the Koran by Pastor weirdo or whatever his name is:

In a bold move that is likely to be much discussed in coming days, Fox News said today that it will not cover the burning of the Quran on Saturday if Pastor Terry Jones follows through on his plan to burn copies of Islam’s sacred book.

The proposed book burning by the Florida minister and his congregation has become a topic of heated conversation and coverage, with everyone from President Barack Obama to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and two generals weighing in. One of the military men, Gen. Ray Ordierno, former commander in Iraq, says he fears that the burning will inflame passions abroad to the point where the safety and lives of American servicemen and servicewomen will be threatened.

Good for them. I don’t want to talk about the whole thing anymore myself, but you know me, I have a big mouth and no one in the Middle East is reading this blog anyway, or I would probably be dead by now. I feel the same way Chelsea Handler is probably going to feel when she hosts the VMA’s on Sunday. There isn’t a single person in a room with me at any given time that I haven’t made fun of at least once.

Don’t miss Tamerlane’s Charge of the Lightbringer Brigade, or food fit for cockroaches.

OHM nom nom nom!

Also, one comment on Wonk’s previous post about Hillary’s Leadership. No one knows if she’s going to run in 2012, but no one should be saying that she can’t. As many people have pointed out, Hillary isn’t perfect but there is really no one else available to properly lead in troubled times like this. Instead of being pessimistic and saying she’ll never run, we should be urging her to run as much as possible and urging Obama to not run as much as possible. That’s the patriotic thing to do. Of course, as someone who’s admired the Secretary of State since grade school and who doesn’t even know if she really wants to run at all, I do feel bad because she does deserve to retire, but I doubt anyone would disagree that our problems are bigger than her as a person.  It’s just that she’s always been the best woman for the job.

Riverdaughter Nails it, as Usual

Over at TC, Riverdaughter really nails it. She says exactly what I don’t feel like saying, and is a better woman than me for it.

This post is for all of our former friends who were Clintonistas in 2008 but somehow let their anger lead them in a different direction.

I know how pissed you were at the way your vote was taken away from you in 2008.  I know you feel disenfranchised by the one party you thought you could rely on.  You’ve been the invisible ones during this mother of all recessions.  You have lost your jobs or your family has.  You have seen government not working for you anymore where once it had.  You saw people come into office in 2008 promising change and then watched as they crumbled under the slightest wind of opposition.  They let you down, they’ve deprived you of a retirement free from worry and destitution.  They have been completely deaf to your pleas.

But don’t take it out on Muslim Americans.

The people who are channeling your rage towards Muslims are the very same people who are responsible for the mess you’re in now.  They are providing you with a distraction and an easy scapegoat.  They are pointing your rage towards destruction.  It is unproductive and won’t save your job, pay your mortgage or help you retire with dignity.  It simply takes your soul towards a dark place without the tempering spirits of civil behavior.

Please read the rest. I posted too much of it as it is, but it so has to be said. I have respect for some people who seem to have a chip on their shoulder about Islam, but I also have respect for some Porn Stars, so this isn’t saying much. (Jenna Jameson’s autobiography, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: Highly recommended!)

I would never, ever burn a book. To do so is so irreverent, so despicable, I can’t even put it into words. A few years ago, there was an issue of Sagewoman, a Pagan magazine for women, that I was reading, and I came across a long debate over book burning. A Pagan woman had written to the editors and said that Sagewoman was too “fluffy” and that she and her Pagan group were having a “Bible Burning” event. Letters upon letters came into the editors condemning her actions, even some Christian woman who actually read Sagewoman and told her kindly that their differences with her were far less important than what they had in common. Those Christian gals behaved more like Witches than that Bible Burning woman did.

The Bible-burning Pagan chick defended herself by claiming that it was her duty to burn the Bibles, because of all the Misogynist and Racist material in the text. She pointed out the fact that thousands, possibly millions of women and children, some of them witches, had died because of what was in the Bible. She defended her actions as her Pagan duty and a couple of people even agreed with her.

But she was wrong.

She was no better than an anti-gay New Pentecostal weirdos who perform “Gay Exorcisms” on young men, causing them to vomit and have seizures. She was no better than the white guy who who won’t let his daughter go to the Prom with a black guy. And she was on par with the handle-bar mustachioed truck driving Pastor who plans on burning Qurans. And I’ll let Hillary tell us how “Patriotic” and “American” censorship is.

Thanks, Hillary.

Tuesday Evening Links

I refuse to comment on the recent Mosque building at Ground Zero controversy. I don’t have the energy for the stupidity that will doubtless ensue. I will say that burning books is despicable and un-American.

The State Department described as “un-American” plans by a controversial church to burn Korans in memory of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks — though the head of that church says he is not deterred.

Of course he is “not deterred.” Look at him! *points*

Ask him about the Harry Potter books he’s all ready thrown into the fires, I bet his handlebar mustache will probably twitch into at toothy grin.

Like Margaret Cho, I sometimes wish Jesus would come back and scream, “THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!”

Remind me again, I am living in reality, and not the Twilight Zone, right? Apparently Rome is burning. Reagan, I mean, Obama is planning more tax breaks for big business.

President Barack Obama will call on Congress to pass new tax breaks that would allow businesses to write off 100 percent of their new capital investments through 2011, the latest in a series of proposals the White House is rolling out in hopes of showing action on the economy ahead of the November elections.

Don’t insult VooDoo by calling this VooDoo economics. Similarly, Obama shouldn’t insult dogs by saying Republicans talk about him “like he’s a dog.” Um, dogs are cute, loyal, honorable, furry and loving. None of that fits. But we should cut Obama some slack. I mean, look at all those weirdos from Arkansas saying he was a drug dealer, all those independent investigations saying he murdered his best friend, all those attacks on his wife, the skits comparing his daughter to a pig…

Oh, wait. That was Bill Clinton.