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Bohemian Wallflower is dead to me as a blogger. Deady Dead Dead!

So If you’re interested in having the honor and privilege of being an author and/or administrator on liberal rapture, call me up at Because of my mad skills, I may have to mentor you for a little bit and you’ll have to send your first few posts to me for approval, but if all goes well I’ll give you a free reign.

Rules and Regulations:

1. This is a liberal blog. Hence the name “Liberal Rapture.” Liberals of all stripes are welcome and if you’re a centrist that’s fine too. If you’re a conservative and you want to blog here, okay, but I’ll have to ban you to the horoscopes and obituaries, so you might want to save yourself the trouble.

2. I don’t tolerate anti-semetism or anti-islamists. While I do often laugh at jokes about monotheistic religions and frequently participate in the mocking myself, you are allowed to make fun of people’s beliefs on the condition that you make fun of what they do believe, not what they don’t believe. For example, anyone who asks me if I’m going to put spells on them or says that all Muslims are terrorists will endure a can of whoop ass from yours truly. Same goes for racism, sexism, and all the other “isms.”

3. No name calling, unless you’re really REALLY mad! Anyone harassing or threatening someone or doing other things to promote violence will be banned faster than you can say “hold onto your drawers and don’t piss in them.”

4. Compliment me constantly. (Just kidding about that one… or am I?)

5. Have fun. Remember, we’re always playing, even if we’re talking about something really serious.

If you all ready have a blog that you write on frequently and would like to team up, I’ll consider that also.

2 Responses

  1. Happy New Year Little One!

    I hadn’t had the chance to wish you well and glad to see you are doing well and creative as always. (((Cyber Hug)))

  2. I Like It

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